Timber Wars Not Dead Yet

Headwaters Agreement Doesn't Effect Many Other Battles With MAXXAM/PL
Darryl Cherney
Robert Parker, Luna Media Services


Rumors of the death of the redwood timber wars are greatly exaggerated.  So say the activists of Northern California, many of which are engaged in campaigns against MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber over numerous issues not resolved by the Headwaters Forest Agreement.  Senator Diane Feinstein, Governor GRAY Davis and other politicians quick to take credit for "saving" Headwaters may have well missed the bigger picture: North Coast forest activists are relentless and sophisticated.  They are not going to be lulled into submission over a compromise of a compromise to rescue a portion of Headwaters Forest. Consider the following battles with MAXXAM/PL that will continue regardless of the Headwaters Agreement:

Said Headwaters activist Darryl Cherney, "We don't even have a truce in the timber wars, let alone peace."

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